Joon Hair Oil is Liquid Gold

I hate getting my hair cut. I’ve had enough bad cuts to justify my anxiety, so I avoid and procrastinate as long as possible until my hair is really terrible. So instead of being an adult and getting regular haircuts (I probably get two a year at most), I look to hair products to prolong my hair life. I use a moisturizing shampoo twice a week, followed by my all-time favorite Schwarzkopf mask. And now, when I get out of the shower, I use Joon’s hair oil.

Unlike many pricier options, Joon uses the most luxurious ingredients without jacking up their prices. A small bottle will last you months, and only set you back $28, the cost equivalent of five matcha lattes. They’re also a cruelty-free company, and the oil doesn’t contain any sulfates or parabens, so it’s safe for color-treated hair.

The main ingredient’s in this golden oil are saffron, pistachio, and rose, powerful variables on their own, but combine to form the Justice League of hair oils. Saffron is a spice derived from crocus flowers, and is one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its rarity; it is only grown in the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia, and each flower only produces a few crimson threads of saffron. Pistachio, like many nuts, is rich in fatty acids, therefore it helps nourish and moisturize your strands. One of my favorite beauty ingredients, Rose makes the hair shiny and smooth.

I only use about three small drops of Joon on my entire head, and my hair measures 27 inches from scalp to ends! I have found that when I use more than a few drops, my hair gets greasier faster, but this is a win-win for me, because it just means that the bottle will last longer! If you have shorter or thinner stranders, you’ll probably only need a drop or two. My hair is really thick, but the oil doesn’t weigh it down. It also smells absolutely incredible, and my hair is softer and shinier when I use it.

I’ve recommended it to friends and family, and now I’m recommending it to you!

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