Purpl Goat

I first read about Purpl Goat in an Into The Gloss article. The company’s founder’s sister Skya is a flight attendant who credits the brand to helping keep her skin clear and healthy despite her frequent travel. I immediately placed an order.

Since moving to Los Angeles, my skin has been hard to control. Between the drier air, warmer climate, and high levels of pollution, I’ve been struggling to return my skin to its former pristine state. Add in semi-frequent trips back to a now-frigid Boston, and my skin has just been in a permanent state of “hellllll no.”

“My older sister is also another big beauty influencer in my life. She’s an aesthetician who suffered from cystic acne, and she’s made this mask that all my friends are hooked on. It’s called Unmask Calm and it’s infused with honey, neem, cinnamon, turmeric and chamomile essential oil. It’s super hydrating and purifying…” – Skya

I had almost irrationally high hopes for Purpl Goat’s products, and miraculously, they deliver…


The Healing Crystal Toner has become my favorite post-cleansing step in my skincare routine. It’s so refreshing and I love the simple, yet effective ingredients.

UnMask Calm has been on my face at least twice per week since it arrived. It smells kind of like a gingerbread cookie, and is both gentle and effective. It’s made with the almost supernaturally powerful ingredients like turmeric, honey, and cinnamon. Even though it’s a bit messy to apply, it never drips once it’s on my face, and it melts away easily with water. My skin glows after every applicati

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