Inspirations: Week 94

With Thanksgiving next week and fall in full swing, this week’s Inspirations is decidedly themed…

1. With colder temperatures, it can be even harder to get out of your warm bed. Try these Tricks to get you going in the AM if, like me, you’re not a morning person. (via The/Thirty)

2. Trying to lose a little weight before the holidays? 100 tips on everything from food to fitness. (via PopSugar)

3. As a vegetarian (borderline vegan), Thanksgiving isn’t exactly the holiday for me. I mean, it’s literally ‘Turkey Day.’ This kale & mushroom stuffing is right up my alley, though, *hint, hint* mom. (via Love & Lemons)

4. Make Nora Ephron’s monkey bread. (via The Cut)

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