Fall Week: The Best Acne-Fighters I’ve Found

When I first relaunched this blog in 2015, I’d been suffering from cystic acne on and off for about seven years. I’d tried most brands, products, and prescriptions – even Accutane, and was resigned to feeling self-conscious and ugly forever.  But slowly, between summer and fall of 2015, my skin cleared up. The transitional period between summer and fall can wreak havoc on your skin, so as part of Fall Week, I’m sharing the products that changed my life and that I still use today.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser


I’ve recommended this cleanser to everyone from my mother to my best friend, and I’ve never heard anything other than a rave review.  It’s the most gentle cleanser that takes off makeup and dirt without stripping your skin’s pH or sucking it dry.  I will never stray from MJ.

Pure Rosehip Oil


After my acne cleared up, I had to face the fact that years of acne (and picking – oops) had left me with a lot of scarring.  I didn’t want to get laser treatment right away, so I started researching alternative ways to improve my skin tone.  Two-plus years later, I still use rosehip oil almost every night.  Not only did it fade most of my scars completely, it’s also deeply nourishing.


This prescription is actually a diuretic, but since my dermatologist prescribed it two years ago, my skin has been clear. It’s kind of a secret weapon in the skincare world, so ask your doctor.

Ole Henriksen


Activated Charcoal

I pop two capsules of AC every night before bed for a good old-fashioned overnight detox. Charcoal absorbs toxins, so even though I’m not sure the pills work on my skin the way they do for my insides, it can’t hurt. Charcoal face masks work wonders for your pores, too!

Epiduo Forte

This is the other prescription I use religiously. It’s the stronger version of Epiduo, and I use it both preventatively and as a spot treatment. It’s strong on acne but not overwhelming or drying for my skin.

Disclaimer: everyone’s skin is different, so I’m not promising you a magic cure, or any guarantee that what worked for me will work for you. If you have questions about products, email me or shoot me a message in the comments. I’m here for you!

Love, Me

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