The Best Face Masks That Aren’t Impossible to Wash Off

One of the reasons I love sheet masks is that I don’t have to get up and wash off the residue at the end.  To me, the masking experience is a lot more spa-like if I don’t have to clean up after, the same way I don’t like washing dishes after cooking myself a nice meal.  But for some of my skincare needs, a sheet mask won’t cut it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.40.59 PM

Leahlani Skincare is one of my favorite all-natural brands because their products are handmade with the most gorgeous, delicious ingredients.  The Meli Glow Mask is made with honey, fruit, and oils to deliver a plumping, glowing look to your skin. It smells good enough to eat, and despite being very sticky upon application, it melts away almost instantly when you wash it off.


I’ve raved about Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask before because it’s just so good and works so quickly.  My skin always looks clearer and brighter after only 5-10 minutes, and the pink clay formula washes right off, unlike some mud masks that require a brillo pad to remove.


I love Tatcha’s new Violet-C Radiance Mask, which smells lovely, has a fun purple hue, and leaves my skin so glowing and radiant that I can skip any color-correcting makeup.

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