Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque

I’ve always heard good things about Dermalogica, but had never tried any of their products myself.  But my skin has been freaking out lately, so I decided to give their Sebum Clearing Masque a try.  It’s known for its cooling effect and is made with both Kaolin and Bentonite clay and Salicylic Acid to detoxify and clear pore congestions.  Since the blackheads on my nose are the bane of my existence, I was excited to see how it work both on them and the zits that had cropped up on my face.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 4.57.04 PM

With two sessions under my belt, I’m pretty impressed with this mask.  The cooling effect is incredibly refreshing, and it doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable when it dries on my face.  One of the biggest deterrents for me with wash-off masks is whether or not they come off easily, and this one melted away almost instantly when I splashed water on my face.  My skin looks brighter and clearer, and my spots are less red and inflamed.  This mask definitely earns a spot into the starting lineup.

Have you tried any Dermalogica products?  Send recommendations my way!  Love, Me

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