The 90s Blowout is Back

Lately, I’ve been loving blowing out my hair into silky, soft smoothness, with natural volume.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love my beachy waves, but this look saves time and feels so effortless.  Cher in Clueless and the ladies of Cruel Intentions come to mind, as do the supermodels of my early childhood.

Here are some products and tools I use to achieve the look:


Prep with a volumizing product on your roots and a hydrating product on your ends; they’re the oldest and most vulnerable part of your strands, so they’re more prone to breakage.  I like to spray 1-3 spritzes of Aveda’s Thickening Tonic on my roots and smooth a few drops of MoroccanOil on the lower half.


I’ve raved about my Revlon blowdry brush before, and it’s perfect for this kind of hairstyle since it cuts drying time in half and brushes your hair into silky perfection.  If you have a regular blow dryer, pair it with a round brush like this one to smooth ends and amp up the volume at the crown and roots.


Depending on how my hair is cooperating, I like to add a little bit of Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume Blast™ to my roots as a little bit of volume insurance.  You can also use dry shampoo or baby powder, though I don’t like to suffocate my scalp with heavy powders.  I also like to add a little shine – those 90s blowouts were all about the gloss – with my Drybar Chaser cream.  Next, I want to try IGK’s new Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat, which protects against UV rays while adding sheen and shine.

Are you a fan of this hairstyle?  Love, Me

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