How I Keep My Hair Long AND Healthy

I was born with a full head of hair, and it hasn’t stopped growing since.  Whenever I go for a trim (read: anything under three inches), it grows back within the month.  Am I a freak of nature?  Maybe.  Probably.  But I feel pretty blessed, because I’ve always had very thick, Mermaid-esque hair, and it’s definitely one of my favorite things about myself.

Since I get a lot of questions about my hair here, via email, and on social media (are you following me?), I thought I’d do a comprehensive post.  It’s not just about how I grow my hair, but how I keep it healthy.  After all, no one wants long hippie hair that’s 90% breakage and split ends…

I Take Supplements and Vitamins


This wasn’t always the case; I hated the chalky kids’ vitamins my mom used to give me, so I’d hide them all over my room instead of eating them. Sorry, mom.  Nowadays, I turn to supplements like fish oil and gummy vitamins like Sugar Bear Hair, which are so incredibly delicious that I want to eat the entire bottle at a time!

Biotin and vitamins B and C are good for both your hair and skin, so look for a multivitamin that has all three!  If you’re worried about thinning hair, try Viviscal instead; it’s expensive, but people swear by it.

I Maintain a Healthy Diet

You’ve probably heard me talk about matcha and kale a lot on here, but I truly love my plant-based meals.  I enjoy cooking for myself and feel comforted knowing that I know exactly what I’m putting into my body.  Bonus: you save a lot of money when you cook instead of ordering takeout.  Foods like yellow peppers are rich in the aforementioned vitamins, and spinach and kale have loads of iron and zinc.  In general, a plant-based diet is healthiest, and adopting the lifestyle means your hair will be nourished from the inside out.  It’s also important to eat a lot of protein; as a pescetarian, I derive most of

It’s also important to eat a lot of protein; as a pescetarian, I get most of my protein from legumes and eggs.  Eating foods that are rich in fatty acids like Omega-3’s is another good way to help your hair; eggs, avocados, and salmon are all brimming with the good stuff.

I Avoid Hot Tools


Ok, this one is mostly because I am both lazy and have too much hair, BUT it’s true that your hair stays so much healthier when you’re not subjecting it to heat, which causes your color to fade and your strands to weaken, fray, and break.  Save the blowouts for special occasions and check out these tips for how to air-dry your hair.

I Nourish My Strands

I didn’t use to make my hair a priority like I do my skin, but now I make the effort to do masks and use deep conditioning products regularly.  Shop some of my favorites:

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Hair Mask/Schwarzkopf GLISS Hair Repair Ultra-Moisture Shampoo/Sky Organics Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil/Dessange Nutrition Elixir Deep Nourishing System Mask/Moroccanoil Treatment

How do you keep your hair healthy?  Send your tips my way!  Love, Me

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