Inspirations: Week 78

1.  I’m so excited to try out ColourPop’s new Crushed Crystal-Infused collection. (via US Weekly)


2.  Even though I feel like an old lady, I should probably check out these top travel destinations to go to before you turn 25.  I’ve got 11 months to get going! (via Refinery29)


3.  Since I gave up my eyelash extensions for summer, I’m trying out a new way to use mascara.

4.  Chances are, we all have something we need to let go of.  I know I do.  These yoga poses can help. (via The/ThirtyScreen Shot 2017-07-01 at 1.58.56 PM.png

5.  I used to hate being alone, but now, I really enjoy spending time with me.  Here are some things you should get comfortable doing on your own. (via PopSugar)

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