I Ordered Three Random Sheet Masks from Amazon

love Amazon.  My affinity dates back to college when I discovered that I could order all the things I needed online and not have to leave my dorm room and venture out into big, scary New York City.  Borderline agoraphobic?  No, just a little fish in a big pond with a tendency to be lazy.

But I also have to give major props to Amazon for helping me discover a lot of amazing beauty products.  You probably know how it is; you go on the site for one thing, and twenty minutes (ok, an hour) later, you’ve got fifty tabs open for random things you’ve never heard of.  Amazon is the reason I discovered sheet masks years before they were sold in Sephora or CVS.  It’s also the reason I bought a microneedling device over a year ago before any of the online beauty publications were raving about the miracle wrinkle removers.  Suffice to say, I turn to Amazon frequently when I feel like I’m becoming too mainstream in my shopping and blogging.  I want to find unique, unheard of products, and I like to be ahead of the game.

To that end, I purchased $25 worth of sheet masks last week, and they are all brands and products I’d never tried before.  Here are my honest, unsponsored reviews!

Ebanel Skincare Hyaluronic Stemcell Hydrogel Masks ($10 for 5 masks)


Hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients you can use on your skin.  It’s hydrating, plumping, and imparts a glow.

First Impression:  Masks with hyaluronic acid are always my go-to for the aforementioned reasons, so I was excited to try this mask out.  I usually prefer cloth masks to hydrogel to pack in more serum, and this is no exception.  I like the serum, but I do wish this mask hadn’t dried out so quickly.

Rating: 6/10

PureDerm Collagen Eye Zone Masks ($6 for 30 sheets)


I suffer from permanent slightly-sunken, dark-circled undereye areas.  To an extent, it’s genetic, but I’m always looking for a fix anyway.

First Impression:  These masks come all in a little pouch (more eco-friendly than individual packaging), so you have to peel them off a stack with every use.  They’re travel-friendly and my undereye area looks brighter after even a single session, so I’m calling them a win.

Rating: 9/10

Grace & Stella Co. Collagen Facial Masks ($6 for 6 masks)


My Heyday facialist Cheryl is always telling me that I have so much collagen in my skin.  Yay!  But putting it on your face helps counteract aging, skin discoloration, and wrinkles, all side effects of spending a lot of time in the sun like I do.

First Impression: This is the wettest of the three masks, which I like because I can put the extra serum on my neck and chest.  It also makes me feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck!  So far, it hasn’t broken me out, and my skin has looked plump and glowy after each use.

Rating: 9/10

4 thoughts on “I Ordered Three Random Sheet Masks from Amazon

  1. I’m Ana Amazon junkie too. They are in the process of taking over the world and I don’t care!! I’m also going to try those eye masks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love amazing too! I really wanna try some sheet masks so this helped! Looking forward to your future posts.
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena | femmerewritten.com 🌻✨

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