Inspirations: Week 75

1.  I rarely eat processed sugar anymore, but I have backslid lately and I do not feel physically good about it.  The truth is that sugar is really and truly terrible for you.  Here’s how nutritionists would curb your sugar cravings. (via Byrdie)


2.  My 8-year-old self’s dreams are coming true: Lisa Frank makeup is happening! (via WhereToGet)


3.  Urban Decay is launching a new Naked Palette, and you can preorder it now.


4.  I fell in love with cacti in Arizona this winter, but did you know it’s also an ingredient you should have in your beauty routine? (via Allure)


5.  Want to travel more this summer?  Here are 7 low-fare airlines to help you get going! (via PopSugar)


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