What You Need to Know About: Retinoids

Like a crying baby who can’t tell you what it needs, it can be hard to know what your skin needs just from looking at it.  But if you don’t have the time for a trip to the derm, or you need a product that is guaranteed to work, a retinoid is your best bet for almost any skin issue.  Retinoids are powerful skincare ingredients, so I wanted you to have all the facts!

The Facts:

– Retinols are a subset of retinoids, the kind that you can buy over the counter versus retinoids, which are stronger and found in your prescription

– When applied to your skin, retinoids encourage rapid cell turnover, meaning your old dry skin will make way for radiant skin!

– Retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and prone to dryness, so make sure to stock up on SPF and moisturizer.  I recommend only using products with retinoids at night.

– Depending on your skin type, you might not be able to use a retinoid every night.  Start off slowly, and see how much your skin can handle.

– When it comes to aging, retinoids are the magic ingredient for skin texture, wrinkles, and sun damage

– It’s also great for acne, enlarged pores, even those pesky blackheads!

If you take one thing away from my multitude of Beauty posts, let it be that you need a retinoid in your life.  Love, Me

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