Obsessed With: Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

I admit to preferring sheet masks over mud masks or any kind of mask that requires washing off.  With sheet masks, I can lie in bed with my Netflix, peel the mask off, throw it in the general direction of the trashcan, and fall asleep!

f2cad38696f0e15f86a7ece114c93948But for days when my skin is veering into acne territory, I always turn to Caudalíe’s Instant Detox Mask.  Among its ingredients: grape marc for detoxification, pink clay and coffee to purify, and papaya enzyme for a radiance boost.

One of the things I always worry about with clay masks is how dry they make my skin.  I mentioned earlier this week that I used to think that drying out my skin as much as possible was the key to clearly up my acne.  In reality, keeping your skin hydrated is vital to its health.  That’s why I love Caudalíe’s mask: it’s made with eight essential oils that nourish your skin while the other ingredients do their work.  Even though my skin feels stiff when the mask dries, it feels and looks great when I wash it off.

I use this mask at least once a week, and I recommend it to anyone dealing with pore problems, oiliness, or dull skin.  It’s also a great travel mask: it’s only 2.5 ounces, so it’s TSA-approved and great for reviving tired post-plane skin.  I’ll be using it over Memorial Day Weekend!  I’ve used dozens of masks (sheet, mud, etc) but I always come back to this one.

Love, Me

*Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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