An Oil for Everyone

It’s a common misconception that people with oily, combination, and/or acne-prone skin shouldn’t use oils.  I personally spent years trying to dry my skin into submission; I craved tight, clean skin, not realizing that dehydration was actually causing my oil glands to go into overdrive.

Nowadays, I’m all about oils, specifically very clean, natural products.  More than ever, today’s consumers demand transparency from companies and their products.  We want to know what we’re putting in and on our bodies, especially on our faces.  Blind trust or even trust in a brand as a whole is no longer a guarantee when trying new products.  Whenever I consider trying something new, I always look at the ingredients first.  I’m cautious, always worried that something will revert my skin back to its former, blemish-filled self.  In the past few years, I’ve gravitated more towards natural products, wanting simple yet effective solutions for my skin.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 4.50.24 PM

Charlotte Ferguson, the creator of Disciple Skincare, is a psychotherapist by trade who also suffered from acne.  Like me, she was frustrated that countless prescriptions, treatments, and products did not yield any results.  Her line is geared towards my fellow skin-sufferers: adults who still deal with hormonal acne and tricky skin.

Disciple products are only made with the clinical-grade essential oils, making the products higher quality than many on the natural market.  The ‘Good Skin’ face oil is made with nourishing cucumber seed oil combined with turmeric and geranium oils to detoxify and balance the skin.

I’ve been seeing good improvements in my skin so far after about a month of using Disciple products.  I love how good they smell, and my skin is brighter and clearer.  If you’re as frustrated as Charlotte and I used to be, I recommend becoming a ‘disciple’ yourself!

Love, Me

* I received these products as a gift, but all opinions expressed here are my own, with gratitude!

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