Practicing Safe Sun with Tan Towel

I’m not proud to admit that I am a sun-worshipper.  I don’t smoke anything, and I rarely drink, but I love to be in the sunshine, and I do think that I look better with a tan.  It’s not healthy, and as a skincare and beauty blogger, I really should set a better example.  Skin is our largest organ and needs to be protected.  I wear SPF on my face every day year-round, but I also lie out at the beach all summer, usually falling asleep without reapplying after swimming.  No one is perfect.

In an attempt to glow without ruining my skin, I turned to Tan Towel, an expert in sunless tanning.  My last tango with self-tanner was a cheap spray bottle in high school that ruined the white dust ruffle of my bed and turned me orange, something I didn’t want to go back to.  For sunless tanner to be worth the application and drying time, it has to be easy to apply and look natural.


Tan Towel has been around for years, and they’re known for their easy-to-use tanning wipes.  They sent me their Face, Half Body, and Full Body wipes to try.  I decided to start with the Face towel first since it would be the easiest to apply.  It took about twenty seconds, and my skin had a nice, healthy glow for the next few days.  No orange, no streaks, no breakouts.  It was a lighter tan than I’m used to getting after a single application of self-tanner, but that’s a good thing, and you can easily build color by repeating the process over a few days.  It faded gently, rather than peeling off or becoming patchy – the risk you take when applying many self-tanners or getting a spray tan.

After that successful test run, I carefully tried out the half and full body wipes the following week.  I decided that the half wipes would be great for my legs, since it’s nearing dress and shorts season.  To make things easier and to ensure even tan distribution, I cut each towel into pieces before use: the half body wipe became two quarters, one for each leg, while the full body became five pieces, one for each arm, leg and a piece for my chest, back, and midsection.

I was apprehensive about trying out a new self-tanning product, but I’m glad I did.  Are any of these products fool-proof?  Of course not.  But Tan Towel products are definitely easier than most to use, lower-risk, and the safest to throw in your suitcase for a trip.  While I’ll still be spending a lot of time in the sun, I’m going to stick with their wipes and some sunscreen for a safer spring and summer.  When you gotta glow, you gotta glow!

Love, Me

*I received these products as a gift from Tan Towel, but all opinions expressed here are my own

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