Obsessed With: Winky Lux Flower Balm

The first color-adapting makeup product I ever tried was Smashbox’s O-Gloss, way back in high school.  It was expensive, goopy, and awesome.  My friend Lindsay and I were obsessed with its seemingly magical ability to adjust to my body temperature, even if it became little too bright on our lips.

Fast-forward about nine years (I feel old), and color-changing products are practically mainstream, especially if you’re an avid Korean Beauty buyer like me.  There are a lot of products that will adjust to your body temperature and PH levels, but aside from Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince blush, I’ve never really been into the idea.  These personalized products are usually more expensive since they claim to be unique and “high-tech,” but I already know what colors work with my face, so why pay a lot of money for a seemingly redundant product?


Enter Winky Lux’s Flower Balm, one of the cutest, loveliest products I’ve ever used.  The bullet case contains a clear lipstick, with a real chrysanthemum in its base.  There’s a coconut-vanilla scent, but to the scent-adverse: it’s light and pleasant, not overwhelming.  The lipstick looks like molded jello; I’ve been tempted to try and squish it and play with it!  But considering it’s my new favorite product, I’ve suppressed the urge.

The application is foolproof and virtually flawless; it glides on smoothly and immediately turns your pout its perfect shade of pink.  The product is hydrating, long-wearing, and gorgeous.  There’s no downside, just a ton of upside.

I bought these for my girlfriends for Galentine’s and we’are all obsessed!  If you’re looking for the perfect everyday lip, or a great gift, these lippies are winners.

Love, Me

*Photos courtesy of Winky Lux

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