Obsessed With: Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that I love everything Glossier has ever made.  I love their philosophy, their approach to new product creation, their “vibe” (does anyone still say that?), everything!  I always look forward to their product launches and buy on the first day.

As someone who suffers from dry skin, I was particularly excited for their newest product, Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, an updated version of their moisturizer.  As usual, their sister site, Into the Gloss asked readers what they wanted in a moisturizer.  And they created the most luxurious face cream I’ve ever used, at a much lower cost than its “peers.”

PMR simultaneously hydrates and protects, using red algae and glycerin to hydrate, and ceramides and kukui nut oil to mimic the lipids that our skin needs to protect itself.  If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that such a powerful cream must be thick and heavy, you’re wrong.  I was shocked at how quickly it melted into my skin!  It also smells incredible, in addition to giving me a glow.  Needless to say, I’ve been using it regularly.  I even bought a jar for my mom!

If you want to try Priming Moisturizer Rich or any other Glossier products, you can take 20% off your first purchase!  Have you tried any of their products yet?  I recommend starting with PMR and Milky Jelly!

Love, Me

*Photos courtesy of Glossier

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