Bemelmans Bar

Cape Cod, Fenway Park, Jerusalem, my parents’ roof deck.  There are some places in the world that make me so happy that I can’t even put it into words.  One of my favorite places in New York happens to be inside my favorite hotel, The Carlyle.  Named after Ludwig Bemelmans, Bemelmans Bar is one of the most beautiful, old-world establishments in the city.  Ludwig Bemelmans wrote and illustrated the Madeline books, and one of my favorite memories my mom reading, “In an old house in Paris all covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…”  Even now, I hear her voice reading it to me, and it takes me to a magical place in mind.

Bemelmans is a living testament to its namesake, with his beautiful illustrations covering every wall in the bar.  It is his only surviving commission open to the public, and it is truly stunning.  If you’re in the city, stop in for a drink or even just a peek; the beauty will take your breath away.

file_000-41file_000-43Just gazing at my childhood.  It’s casual.file_000-42I may or may not be tearing up here.  This room really moves me.

If you have a place that makes you feel your childhood again, go there.  Those places are magic.  Love, Me

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