My Monday Morning Routine

Happy Monday!  Today is the corporate edition of Christmas, so I am enjoying a rare day off.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays; I really love the festive atmosphere that takes over at this time of year.

Even though I’m not at work today, normally, Monday is the starting line of a long race.  I still don’t like Monday’s too much, but with these organizational tricks, I feel like the week is manageable, at least for a few hours!

Update my calendar – I keep a calendar on my work email, but I also have a planner in my work bag at all times, and I like to write out my entire week and see what I’ll have to deal with.  It’s a great way to bring things to the front of your mind and prepare for the week ahead.

Schedule ‘Me Time’ – I love going to the gym, but sometimes it can be hard to get motivated.  I go on my gym’s website and pick a few classes to go to and then pencil them into my schedule so that I have to go!

Make lists – I love lists.  It feels really good to check things off and visualize your sense of accomplishment.  I make at least one to-do list every day.

Plan ahead – This can mean anything from checking the weather forecast to envisioning my outfits for the week!

Leave Some Room – When I can help it, I never want a week to be too jam-packed.  I like to be able to grab dinner with a friend or take a long shower and go to bed early.  Life rarely goes as planned; it’s good to have a little wiggle room for when curveballs come your way!

How do you start your week?  It’s the last one of the year, we’re almost at a fresh start… Love, Me

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