How To: Stay Healthy On Vacation

I’m a pretty healthy person in my day-to-day life.  I eat kale and spinach at least once a day, love my morning and evening walks to the train, and generally avoid unhealthy things like sweets and alcohol.  This wasn’t always the case.

One of the reasons I’m so healthy is because I have routines and I love to stick to them.  I drink water at my desk all day at work, but if I’m not at work, it’s harder to remember.  I like my routines for their consistency, but also because I know that when I deviate, I usually end up feeling pretty sick.  So when I went to New Orleans, a city famous for deep-fried foods and booze, I was apprehensive.  I knew I was going to have to work twice as hard to feel healthy, but I also wanted to make sure I had a good time and didn’t bring my girlfriends down!

Here’s what you do…

Stay Hydrated – This is even more important when you travel.  Airplanes are insanely dehydrating, and your skin and body will suffer.  I always bring an empty water bottle that I can fill after security and drink on the plane.  New Orleans was much hotter than Boston, so I walked around drinking water all day.  It also helps counteract alcohol, a serious dehydrator.

5a1394abdca3631c91c2e0aecb2d4c74S’well Gray Malin Collection Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Don’t Overdo It – This one goes for all aspects: don’t force yourself to do too much of anything: drinking, sightseeing, walking.  Which brings me to…

Listening To Your Body!  This is so important.  If you’re tired, go to the hotel and recharge.  If your head is hurting, you’re probably not drinking enough water and spending too much time in the sun.  Powering through isn’t a recommended response to your body: your body will shut you down.  Just pay attention to signals and make adjustments; you won’t have any fun if you end up sick.

Be Prepared – A lot of my friends aren’t frequent travelers, so I often help them with packing (check out two of my lists here and here!) and travel tips.  My number one rule is to always come prepared.  This means envisioning scenarios that may or may not happen, and assuming that you’ll need things that you might not end up using.  I always travel with Advil, Excedrin Migraine, and tampons, because the odds are that I might end up needing at least one of them.  I always pack extra underwear, because you never know when your flight will get canceled!  The most important things are usually the small things, and it never hurts to bring a little more. f289c5407e2856b07c518e03175f47fc

Prioritize Making Memories.  If you go to a new place and refuse to experience anything exciting at the expense of your routine, you won’t have fun and you probably won’t get to do much.  I could’ve gone to a grocery and bought greens to cook in our suite kitchen, but I would’ve missed out on fun dinners with my friends.  I could’ve worked out in the hotel gym every day, but it would’ve made me too tired to walk around and sightsee for seven hours every day.  Travel is about getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and letting experiences happen to you!  If you insist on making everything the same as at home, you really aren’t traveling, are you?

img_6807Me and my ladies loving Louisiana!

In the end, I did deviate from my usual healthy habits a bit, but I think the balance was still there.  I walked more than usual but also ate foods that I don’t usually eat and drank alcohol multiple times.  I’m definitely happy to be home and back in my routines, but I’m even happier that I prioritized having a good time and making memories with my girls!

Stay tuned for more on my New Orleans experience, and have a great weekend!  Love, Me

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