Product Spotlight: BLOSSOM JEJU Lifting Marine Collagen Essence Petal Mask

love sheet masks.  They’re a major reason why my skin has improved, and they’re a great way to treat yourself and feel luxurious without spending a lot of money.  My new favorite mask (and this is saying a lot, because I’ve tried so many!) is Blossom Jeju’s Marine Collagen Lifting Essence Petal Mask.  Petal Masks are sheet masks, but with a twist.  Press the pure camellia oil into clean skin, then cover with the sheet mask.  This two-step system adds an extra boost of hydration that will then be pressed into the skin in addition to the serum in the sheet.  This mask has the most delicious, fresh floral scent, thanks to the camellias, and my skin is always glowing, hydrated, and soft!  pink_2stepmask_7b825cdf-685c-4f5d-abb3-c2d3bf6be75a_1024x1024

How do you take care of your skin?  Comment below!  Love, Me

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