Inspirations: Week 29

1.  I wash my face every day, so I’m loving this little hack. (via StyleCaster5e4566bff17fb3178e99eefca9f03bbf

2.  How to revive your colored hair for (almost) zero dollars. (via Byrdie1843966-1469111110-640x0c

3.  I, myself, don’t use primer because I think that it makes my makeup slide off.  Here are some primer alternatives if you’re dissatisfied with your primer experience but need that extra coverage. (via Byrdie)

4. The rule that I’ll be following for budgeting my money every month. (via Career Girl Daily)  7fb4f6e32658915607a5945a695c0746

5.  I’m proud to say that I already do most of the things on this list for twenty-somethings! (via PopSugar)

Happy Hump Day!  So close to the weekend – you can do it!  XX, Gabrielle



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