Glam by Glossier

It can be so overwhelming buying new beauty products; there are literally thousands upon thousands of options.  This week, I watched my best friend try to buy a new mascara, and I was exhausted just watching her try to sift through one brand’s selection!  But when I found out that one of my favorite sites, Into the Gloss, had their own skincare and makeup line, I knew I had to venture out into the unknown and give it a try.  See, ITG did something amazing when they were developing their products: they asked readers what they wanted to get out of a brow gel, face wash, et cetera.  They wanted to make products that real people wanted, so they asked real people.  Instead of trying to sell something to people that didn’t want it, they took in thousands of comments and emails, and built something exactly for us.  Talk about making something with TLC!  It seems revolutionary, but I think that this is how all companies should be…

Glossier‘s products, not to be hyperbolic, have changed my life, my self-esteem, and my routine.  My life is prettier and easier because of the magic they make, and I take pleasure in restocking my bathroom because I know how much they care about me and my fellow customers.  Here are my favorites, some of which I actually need to restock.  Good thing their shipping is fast too!

mjcMilky Jelly Cleanser – I’ve written before about my struggles with acne, and it is only in the last ten months or so that I’ve finally begun to win my war.  This face wash cleans my skin without provoking it, and I end up with glowing, hydrated skin.  I recommend it to every friend who comments on my newfound face!

bb_carousel_4Boy Brow – I’ve never really had eyebrows.  Growing up blonde, they didn’t really exist, and I only realized a few years ago how much better they frame my face when I lightly fill them in.  I love this gel because I can quickly flick it across my brows, or build it up a little for heavier color.

glossier-moisturizing-moon-mask-2Moisturizing Moon Mask – My first Glossier purchase!  I was so nervous because I needed a mask to combat my dry winter skin, but heavy-duty moisturizers and masks always broke me out, and I didn’t want to go back to having the horrible acne that I’d just gotten rid of.  Luckily for me, Glossier only makes gentle products, and I use this as a quick hydrator or sleep in it for extra moisture.  I’ll never doubt you again, Glossier.

20150819_carousel_2Perfecting Skin Tint – I’ve basically given up wearing foundation, thanks to my dermatologist and this stuff.  It looks like a bottle of acrylic paint, but it’s actually like liquid tinted moisturizer.  I mix a few drops with my belif Aqua Bomb, and I have a the perfect natural glow; it’s my skin, but better.

haloscope_01-compressorHaloscope – Glossier’s newest magical product, which is in my current shipment.  I chose the Quartz shade, and I think it’ll probably live in my purse so that I’m never without it.

If you want to try Glossier’s products (and you should!), use this link to get 20% off your first order!

*All photos are courtesy of Glossier and their amazing photographers

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