Reviewed: Dessange Paris California Blonde Brass Color Correcting Crème

I come from a family of blondes, and I’ve always been a blonde.  My natural hair color has gotten darker as I’ve gotten older, so I started getting highlights a few years ago.  The problem with highlights, of course, is that coloring your hair makes it weaker, and susceptible to damage from factors like sun and chemicals.  Coloring your hair is a vicious cycle; if you color it, it is easily damaged, but correcting damage with color only weakens it further, leaving it open to more damage!  Did you follow that?  It’s twisted, I know.

Scan 3
3-year-old me after my first haircut

Because I don’t like to devote precious free time to sitting at the salon, I do everything I can to prolong the life of my color.  I spend every weekend at my beach house, and my hair will go back to the white-blonde of my childhood after too much time in the sun.  Aside from wearing hats and deep-conditioning before swimming, I am always looking for products to help keep brassiness at bay.  Last week, I was starting to think my hair needed some help, so I turned to the trusty internet for some recommendations, and I found Dessange Paris California Blonde Brass CC Crème!

Dessange Paris is a brand that promises to give us the Parisian chic hair that we all desperately crave.  It is one of the rare inexpensive lines that actually delivers salon-quality results.  Luckily for me, they are best-known for their blonde products; I’d already gone through an entire bottle of the California Blonde Illuminating Shampoo, and I loved how soft and shiny my hair was!  But I hoped that the CC Crème would have a more permanent effect on my color, so I went to my local Target, picked up a tube, and jumped right in the shower.  Here are my thoughts…


– Smells good

– Goes on smoothly, and it is easy to distribute

– Unlike a lot of hair masks and treatments, this one works in under five minutes

– Easy to wash out


– The tube doesn’t stand up, which isn’t awful, but would make it easier to store in the shower

– Be careful to rinse thoroughly, because the violet shade can stain your clothes

The Results: I am so impressed!  My hair was incredibly soft, shiny, and my color looked so fresh that I canceled my salon appointment for this weekend!  Normally, gloss treatments leave my hair feeling stiff or heavy, but this one upped my color while moisturizing and conditioning.  I’m officially obsessed!

To all my fellow blondes out there, what are your miracle products?  Comment below!  XX

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