Inspirations: Week 19

1.  As Justin Bieber sings, “you should go and love yourself.”  I am a firm believer in loving being with yourself – I’ve lived alone for over two years!  Here are some solo activities to get you there. (via PopSugar)  2316717b_introvert-xxxlarge_2x

2.  I am trying to break the bad habit of going to sleep with Netflix with this list of alternative bedtime entertainment. (via PopSugar)  9bb41b8ca7b8c67a0502aa868aca9f11

3.  Reminder: everything Rachel Green wore was amazing, and most of it is totally back in. (via Cosmopolitan6583de10c68cdc0f9b8fecffcad98e58

4.  I’m all for this denim trend, and luckily for me, I have my mom’s vintage Calvin Klein! (via PopSugar)  zoc3ab-kravitz

5.  Tips for taking the best vacation photos. (via Refinery29‎File_003‎

6.  As the seasons change, your skincare habits need to change. (via Byrdie1766587-1463074415-640x0c

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