Inspirations: Week 15

1.  What to eat to help you feel beach body-ready. (via PopSugarraspberries

2.  Some serious festival beauty inspiration for all of you with Coachella FOMO. (via Byrdie1731724-1460594847-640x0c

3.  In honor of Earth Day, here are some all-natural hair products that will love your hair like Mother Nature herself.  I personally love John Masters products. (via PopSugar718d19b7ec536780cd7bc0b4d2ba66d6

4.  Get yourself one of my favorite kinds of purses ASAP. (via PopSugarc62c34481838b4defd9216772953bc05

5.  Now that spring is finally here, check out some of the best online shops for new sandals! (via Who What Weara780ad7e28d242cd47f469c6780fbd4a

6.  My favorite food in the world.  So yummy, versatile, and healthy! (via PopSugarmediterranean-spiced-chickpeas

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