Inspirations: Week 14

1.  As someone who loves to travel, but also needs a lot of sleep, I abide by most of the methods on this list. (via PopSugarfabba8f92e4169d88259781814686a27

2.  I am a firm believer that everyone should learn to love spending time by themselves.  Here are some solo activities to get you on the right track! (via PopSugard7f7674f017ab183095c48bededfd1bb

3.  These nail designs are seriously cute.  I want palm leaf nails! (via PopSugar32ed0622293f1b0a419ab5ae51ab717a

4.  Even if you can’t make your skin routine as detailed as this one, definitely try to incorporate at least one or two of the steps.  Sheet masks have made a huge difference for me! (via Byrdie2298276

5.  Stop doing these things, and your workouts, diet and fitness goals will be easier to achieve! (via Byrdie13-things-your-trainer-wants-you-to-stop-doing-1728552-1460425322-640x0c

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