Eating Clean: My Favorite Meal

I love to cook and bake.  Both of my parents are really good cooks, and I grew up learning to cook from taste rather than recipes.  I really enjoy the calming effects of preparing my own food, and it is also a great way to eat healthier and save money!

So today I want to start a new segment, “Eating Clean,” as a way to share some of my favorite recipes with you!  To kick things off, here is my favorite vegetable sauté.  I make this for myself at least once a week!

C.A.K. (Chickpea Artichoke & Kale):


– Olive Oil

– Garlic to flavor

– Salt/Pepper for flavor

– 1 can of Chickpeas (I love Goya’s, because they are so big and fresh)

– 1 can of Artichokes

– 3 cups of Kale


  1. Turn your burner on very low, to gently warm your large pan.
  2. Add in a few tablespoons of olive oil, leaving the temperature on low so it slowly heats up.
  3. Peel and chop up garlic cloves.  I like a lot of garlic, but you can use as much or little as you want!
  4. With the heat still on low, add the garlic to the olive oil.
  5. Cook your vegetables in order of longest cooking time: chickpeas, artichokes, and then kale.  Leave a few minutes in between adding each vegetable.
  6. Season your sauté!  I like this special spice from Israel, along with a little bit of salt.  Occasionally, I add some cayenne pepper to make it spicy.
  7. Eat the whole damn thing.  It’s embarrassing how often I finish a whole pan, but at least its healthy!  If you don’t eat all of it, you can eat it for breakfast the next day with a poached egg on top.  So.  Good.

Have a happy and healthy week!  XX, Gabrielle

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