Inspirations: Week 3

Sorry for the late post; I’ve had a crazy week at work, and my 1996 car finally bit the dust on the coldest day ever.  Here’s what’s keeping me sane this week…

1.  I love Chriselle Lim’s blog, and basically everything she does is flawless, so I really want to try out her detox smoothie recipe. (via The Chriselle Factor)


2.  As someone who suffered from debilitating acne for about six years, I really feel for people who haven’t conquered the beast yet. (via Byrdie)

3.  I want to write all of these mantras on my bathroom mirror. (via Total Beauty)


4.  My favorite detox is getting famous! (via My Domaine)


5.  Since I’m freezing while writing this, I’m about to make one of these soups ASAP. (via Brit+Co)


Get happy and stay warm, everyone!

XX, Gabrielle

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