Into Summer

Now that it is officially summer, cemented by the steamy 90-degree weather today, I’m ready to really get into all that Boston has to offer.  With the sailboats out on the Charles and the Esplanade in prep for July 4th, it’s going to be a beautiful Boston Strong summer.

Legendary fireworks on the Charles River

For the first time in years, CBS will not be broadcasting the Boston July 4th celebration.  After the Marathon bombing in April, I’m sure that this year’s Independence Day celebration will be something special, and it’s too bad that the rest of the nation won’t be able to witness it on national television.  I can only assume that CBS pulled the plug before the bombing and subsequent Boston Strong pride movement.

Sailboats on the Charles
Can’t wait for more night skies like this one

One thought on “Into Summer

  1. sounds like it’s going to be a great time. and you’re right. it is a shame it won’t be televised this year. and thanks for visiting my blog. i just realized i didn’t have a follow button on my blog so if you want to get future updates in your reader from me that’s good place to start 🙂

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