Summer Resolutions

Like many people, I’m a flake.  Not because I actually enjoy leaving my goals unfinished, but because sometimes life just carries you away.  Anyway, I was doing my nightly Buzzfeed binge, and as usual, they read my weird mind with their list of 14 Things You Always Say You’ll Do At The Beginning Of Every Summer.   I tend to have high expectations, and big goals that never turn out the way I imagined.  But this summer, I am determined.  I have no summer job, a million internship interviews, an upcoming birthday, and a serious Vitamin-D deficiency.  So instead of knowing what I won’t do, I’m going to think big, a la this article, and I have decided to have a great, adventurous summer, with more memories and less internet…

My New Season Resolutions:

  • Cape Cod.  As much as possible.  Just going to beach the hell out of this summer.  
My happy place via Instagram
  • Walk in the Boston Public Garden.  A lot. 
Instagram @starrynight64
  • See as many Red Sox games as possible.  Their deal for college students is pretty good, so my sister and I are going for my birthday next week.  
  • Take sailing lessons on the Charles River.
  • Get my culture on at some museums.  Note to self: Remember sketchpad.
  • Read some good books.  It’s the summer of Gatsby, so in addition to loving the soundtrack, I had to reread the book.  Now I’m making my way through Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s autobiography, My Beloved World.  Come July, Daniel Silva will make my summer by adding another book to his Gabriel Allon spy series.  
  • More biking, swimming, walking, and dancing.  Less computer, car, and bed.
  • Go swimming at night.  In a pool, in the ocean, skinny-dipping or not, it’s incredibly liberating. 
  • Learn how to make some cool summer drinks 

PicMonkey Collage

  • Embrace growing up.  
  • Party hard.  

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